Principles of Movement

Today we will be covering the principles of movement. The key principles of movement will give you the tools to create successful animations.

1.Squash and Stretch

The squash depicts the form flattened by an external pressure. The stretch position always shows the same form in a very extended condition.


Why is the squash and stretch important?

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Animation History

Today we will be covering the following:

1. The Beginning of Animation

2. Flip Books

3. Stop-Motion

4. Traditional Cel Animation

5. Traditional Animation Process

6. Rotoscope

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Hello – Foundations of Animation – Fall 2013


Foundations of Animation is an introductory course covering various aspects of the history, theory and practice of animation. This will include a broad overview of traditional and computer animation techniques from the earliest experiments until today. Emphasize creating computer 2-D animations using the popular animation program, Adobe Flash CS6.

Recommended Reading
Flash CS6: The Missing Manual by Chris Grover

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Type in Motion – Inspiration

In most designs typography is used to present information in a rather static way — after all, it has to be read by users. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. What effects can be achieved if typography is set in motion? What happens if letters are suddenly floating, jumping and dancing around while sentences are actually interacting with the readers?

Where motion is involved, video is necessary. Below we present some excellent examples of typography embedded into movies and videos — be prepared, “dynamic” typography can be breathtaking.

Typography does not have to be static. What motion effects can be applied to typography to make it readable and expressive? What happens to letters if they float, jump, dance or fade away. The use of motion and typography is amazing because it allows you the animator to express more than just a word. Here are a few examples of experimental type and motion.

Assignment 1: Due Monday 9/30/13

Type in Motion Inspiration:

1. Created by Ellen Lupton & Co.

Typography in Motion from on Vimeo.


Justice – DVNO from Freedom Record on Vimeo.


4. Experimental Type