Video and Sound in Animation Flash CS6

Flash gives you the animator control over many aspects of the sound. Flash even offers a library of sound effects. Sound can add or take away from an animation. Use sound effectively. Before you add sound to your animation think about the following:

  1. Why do you want to add sound? – You should add sound to add an emotional punch or to cue the audience for interactive features like a button.
  2. How important is it that your soundtrack matches your animation precisely? – Flash gives you options to help you synchronize your sound clips but you cannot match a 2 second sound clip to 10 seconds of an animated sequence.

Importing and Adding Sound to a Frame

You can add sound to any layer once it is imported to the library. But it is best to a create separate layers for your sounds. This helps you the animator to save time when editing by keeping the sounds organization

Note: Flash offers a sound library with sound effects. Go to Window > Common Libraries > Sounds. Drag the sound to the stage.

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