Final Exam Study Guide – Dec 9th

Final Project Due 12/9/13

The final exam is on the final day of class 12/9/13. It will cover all of the items discussed after the Midterm. The following items will be on the final exam:

Animation Techniques
Pixilation animation
3D animation
Clay and puppet animation similarities
Augmented reality animation
Walk cycle
Walk cycle poses
Planning your character

Bruce Bickford
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Flash Techniques
IK Bones
IK Bones Properties Panel
Adding Sound
Adding Video
Nested Movie Clips
Symbols: movie clip, button, graphic


Hello – Foundations of Animation – Fall 2013


Foundations of Animation is an introductory course covering various aspects of the history, theory and practice of animation. This will include a broad overview of traditional and computer animation techniques from the earliest experiments until today. Emphasize creating computer 2-D animations using the popular animation program, Adobe Flash CS6.

Recommended Reading
Flash CS6: The Missing Manual by Chris Grover

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