Final Exam Study Guide – Dec 9th

Final Project Due 12/9/13

The final exam is on the final day of class 12/9/13. It will cover all of the items discussed after the Midterm. The following items will be on the final exam:

Animation Techniques
Pixilation animation
3D animation
Clay and puppet animation similarities
Augmented reality animation
Walk cycle
Walk cycle poses
Planning your character

Bruce Bickford
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Flash Techniques
IK Bones
IK Bones Properties Panel
Adding Sound
Adding Video
Nested Movie Clips
Symbols: movie clip, button, graphic


Video and Sound in Animation Flash CS6

Flash gives you the animator control over many aspects of the sound. Flash even offers a library of sound effects. Sound can add or take away from an animation. Use sound effectively. Before you add sound to your animation think about the following:

  1. Why do you want to add sound? – You should add sound to add an emotional punch or to cue the audience for interactive features like a button.
  2. How important is it that your soundtrack matches your animation precisely? – Flash gives you options to help you synchronize your sound clips but you cannot match a 2 second sound clip to 10 seconds of an animated sequence.

Importing and Adding Sound to a Frame

You can add sound to any layer once it is imported to the library. But it is best to a create separate layers for your sounds. This helps you the animator to save time when editing by keeping the sounds organization

Note: Flash offers a sound library with sound effects. Go to Window > Common Libraries > Sounds. Drag the sound to the stage.

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