Clay & Puppet Animation

Clay/Puppet animation is a very powerful and charming form of animation.

What are the similarities of clay and puppet animation?

  • freestanding and able to support their own weight
  • they have movable joints that can hold any position
  • they are well executed with remarkable detail
  • they can be viewed from 360 degrees
  • they use the stop-motion technique

Clay Animation – focuses on metamorphosis, pliability, texture, shape and weight
Clay Animation Process

Clay Animation Examples:
Bruce Bickford

Will Vinton

Puppet Animation – begins with an armature an inner construction which allows the puppet to be both sturdy and flexible

1. Armatures – is the basic skeleton of the figure that is built for support to allow you to move your character in small increments for animation.


2. Clay – there are many different kinds of clays that are used in clay/puppet animation.

  • oil-based clay
  • plasticine
  • fimo
  • sculpey premo
  • baked clay
  • latex
  • silicone

3. Molds – are used for a more durable figure

4. Wooden Puppets
Jiri Trnka – Ruka

5. Mixed Media Puppets

Ladislaw Starewicz

Barry Purves

6. Found Objects
The Brothers Quay Interview

Roger Hawkins

7. Latex Puppets

More Examples of Clay Puppet Animation:

Tim Burton – Corpse Bride

Celebrity Deathmatch


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